Blaupunkt Radio Code Decoded!

23When you purchase a new car you will most likely get a small security code placed on your radio. Remember?

If you are like most of us, you don’t remember. This is because this small sticker usually goes straight into the rubbish bin the moment you first slide the keys into the car engine. Most people are so excited to leave the dealership that they brush this silly little code off as nothing.

Unfortunately, this silly little code is actually necessary if your car battery goes flat. This is because your radio can become locked and the only way to unlock it is with this silly little code.

What’s the Point to Radio Codes?

This silly little code actually has a name: it’s called a Radio Security Code. They are put in new cars as a way to protect against anti theft. If the car battery goes flat, then so does the stereo. Furthermore, when people are attempting to steal car stereos, they stereos are rendered useless. The radio security code system is quite effective as there have been fewer cars stereo’s reported stolen since implementing this code.

However, what happens if your car battery just goes flat for the sake of it? This tends to happen all the time, especially in the cold season or if you accidently leave your lights on all night. What happens then? Most people don’t keep their silly little code- so are they flat out of music luck?

Luckily, with today’s recent technology there is an automated service that allows you to obtain your car radio code without having to rack your brain trying to remember what the number was.

How Can A Radio Code Help?

Radio decoding systems work with algorithms so you can easily track down that number and get your radio back up and running. The cost for this service varies depending on the make and the model of your car. For most radio decode services, you will have your code overnight. However, some services are as fast as two minutes. This means that the moment you release your battery is flat, you can simply ring up a radio code service company and get your code while you are jump starting your car.

Instant radio codes work with all sorts of car models from Alfa Romeo, to BMW, from Ford to Nissan and anything in between and the Blaupunkt is installed in many of these makes.

Instant Radio Code Services use PayPal as payment as well as major credit cards so it is quick and easy to get your tunes back to where they belong- pumping from your car.