Radio Engineering Tools and Solutions

24Finding a good radio engineering and mobile radio communications tool has been a difficult task for radio engineers, network planners and marketers for a long time. This article will try to throw some light on an excellent radio engineering and communications tool called “HerTZ Mapper”. HerTZ Mapper is a point to point radio engineering and mobile radio communications planning tool.

This state of the art radio engineering tool allows the computation of coverage from radio sites, the display of path profiles from any points on the terrain with the computation of associated path budget and the calculation of intermodulation products.

HerTZ Mapper provides field engineers, planners and marketers involved with mobile radio, point to point radio engineering and private mobile radio, broadcast or fixed link systems the benefits of a powerful software tool capable of operation on a modest hardware platform. HerTZ Mapper allows the direct generation of path profiles. During clearance surveys, terrain profiles can be modified on screen and ground clutter can be added to improve the prediction accuracy. When sites are found to be unworkable, the field engineer has the tools at hand to re-configure his system. In the case where there is no digital terrain data available, path profiles can be entered manually, allowing the engineer to work anywhere in the world.

Broadcast engineers can search for the best transmitter site using HerTZ Mapper’s intervisibility function and predict population covered by projection onto suitable map images. In live broadcast systems, outside broadcast planners can quickly deduce the signal to noise ratio or likely bit error rate for a radio car link. This tool can also be used to measure signal data from test transmissions which can be compared with predicted data on screen to verify true performance against predicted. The engineer can also analyse co-sited transmitter systems and intermodulation products and so reduce the effects of interference. Setting up a network is rapid.

Stations can be replicated, moved, activated, deactivated and deleted quickly allowing locations and network configurations to be analyzed, modified and optimized efficiently. HerTZ Mapper automatically calculates radio visibility from a transmitter, taking into account the topography of the terrain, the height of both transmitter and receiver, and earth curvature. In short, HerTZ Mapper is a state-of-the-art point to point radio engineering and private mobile radio communications system planning tool designed to meet the needs of field engineers, planners and marketers in simulating network performance in the frequency range 30MHz to 60GHz – whatever the radio technology.