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Dental Health Facts You Don’t Know Yet When it comes to the talk about dental health and dentists, it sure feels like there’s nothing interesting about them. Though you probably are aware about basic dental health stuff such as oral hygiene and dentist visits, there are those that you still are clueless, and the thing is there are facts about dental health that are really fun and interesting. This is what this post is about. 1 – Chewing gum is actually helpful. Not so fast though as we’re only talking about chewing sugar-free gum. With sugar-free gum, those food debris trapped in between your teeth right after a meal will be removed. Furthermore, if you chew sugar-free gum, you will be preventing tooth decay by producing more saliva in your mouth.
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2 – You can use celery as toothbrush.
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It’s fair to assume that you know about certain foods that help in maintaining good oral health, including that of apples and carrots. Aside from those two, celery is an interesting alternative as it acts more like a natural toothbrush. Thus, by munching on celery, you’re actually cleaning your teeth. Its abrasive properties help in wiping off plaque and tiny food particles that stick to the teeth. Nonetheless, you must remember that regular brushing is irreplaceable by any kind of food, whether it is fruit or vegetables. 3 – Many people just hate flossing. According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology, majority of respondents would rather do household chores like washing dirty dishes or cleaning the toilet than flossing their teeth. But the thing with flossing is that even if you hate it, it still is an essential part of your daily routine because it’s the only effective way of successfully removing food debris found in between your teeth and gums. 4 – Ask any dentist and they’ll tell that their patients don’t really tell the truth all the time. To be fair to you though, you probably only lie about how you do your oral hygiene routine. Therefore, even if you tell your dentist that you are regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, they will eventually figure out that you’re not telling the truth through basic oral exams. 5 – The gums are the most fragile part of your mouth. You can’t deny the fact that you experienced some kind of bleeding gums before. This likewise is the reason why dentists would want you to use a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid hurting the gums and causing it to bleed. So those basically are some new dental health facts you can learn from. Be reminded that to keep good oral health, you can’t just rely on the dentist since you also have your own set of responsibilities at home to take care of your gums and teeth.