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Internet Talk Radio Station, Online Radio

25New Day Talk Radio – Internet Talk Radio Station Live Business Mixer was “A HIT”. As Internet talk radio listeners from coast to coast know, Internet talk radio was taken to a whole new level on the 29th of April 2010. Thanks to the Business Mixer put on by New Day Talk Radio. A very successful event with more than 30 plus business owners showing up, no one left disappointed. With seven people interested in launching their own shows, and six LIVE 60second commercial spots given away to be heard by talk radio listeners coast to coast, those who were unable to attend for whatever reason truly missed out on a special treat.

Broadcasting Live, Zoe did an outstanding job as the MC for the evening. This in essence not only gave the Business Mixer itself an amazing showing, but also gave New Day Talk Radio an amazing boost as well as tremendous interest and support from the community. Special thanks to Harold Daniels, the owner of Signature House Smoke Meats, for providing the delicious food, and the outstanding arrangement of it was a tremendous hit.

We would also like to thank the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce for helping to make this possible. No Worries if you were unable to attend NDTR will take live Internet radio along with all its listeners on another joyous experience by putting on another Mixer in the near future. If you thought last time was awesome prepare to be blown away when New Day explodes with the next one. We would like to thank everyone for all their help and support. Without you, the supporters and listeners of New Day Talk Radio, we truly wouldn’t be where we are today. So thank you and we ALL hope to see you out at the next Business Mixer. Until then, turn the volume up and stay plugged in to our Internet Talk Radio Station. Written By Dana Drake

Radio Engineering Tools and Solutions

24Finding a good radio engineering and mobile radio communications tool has been a difficult task for radio engineers, network planners and marketers for a long time. This article will try to throw some light on an excellent radio engineering and communications tool called “HerTZ Mapper”. HerTZ Mapper is a point to point radio engineering and mobile radio communications planning tool.

This state of the art radio engineering tool allows the computation of coverage from radio sites, the display of path profiles from any points on the terrain with the computation of associated path budget and the calculation of intermodulation products.

HerTZ Mapper provides field engineers, planners and marketers involved with mobile radio, point to point radio engineering and private mobile radio, broadcast or fixed link systems the benefits of a powerful software tool capable of operation on a modest hardware platform. HerTZ Mapper allows the direct generation of path profiles. During clearance surveys, terrain profiles can be modified on screen and ground clutter can be added to improve the prediction accuracy. When sites are found to be unworkable, the field engineer has the tools at hand to re-configure his system. In the case where there is no digital terrain data available, path profiles can be entered manually, allowing the engineer to work anywhere in the world.

Broadcast engineers can search for the best transmitter site using HerTZ Mapper’s intervisibility function and predict population covered by projection onto suitable map images. In live broadcast systems, outside broadcast planners can quickly deduce the signal to noise ratio or likely bit error rate for a radio car link. This tool can also be used to measure signal data from test transmissions which can be compared with predicted data on screen to verify true performance against predicted. The engineer can also analyse co-sited transmitter systems and intermodulation products and so reduce the effects of interference. Setting up a network is rapid.

Stations can be replicated, moved, activated, deactivated and deleted quickly allowing locations and network configurations to be analyzed, modified and optimized efficiently. HerTZ Mapper automatically calculates radio visibility from a transmitter, taking into account the topography of the terrain, the height of both transmitter and receiver, and earth curvature. In short, HerTZ Mapper is a state-of-the-art point to point radio engineering and private mobile radio communications system planning tool designed to meet the needs of field engineers, planners and marketers in simulating network performance in the frequency range 30MHz to 60GHz – whatever the radio technology.

Blaupunkt Radio Code Decoded!

23When you purchase a new car you will most likely get a small security code placed on your radio. Remember?

If you are like most of us, you don’t remember. This is because this small sticker usually goes straight into the rubbish bin the moment you first slide the keys into the car engine. Most people are so excited to leave the dealership that they brush this silly little code off as nothing.

Unfortunately, this silly little code is actually necessary if your car battery goes flat. This is because your radio can become locked and the only way to unlock it is with this silly little code.

What’s the Point to Radio Codes?

This silly little code actually has a name: it’s called a Radio Security Code. They are put in new cars as a way to protect against anti theft. If the car battery goes flat, then so does the stereo. Furthermore, when people are attempting to steal car stereos, they stereos are rendered useless. The radio security code system is quite effective as there have been fewer cars stereo’s reported stolen since implementing this code.

However, what happens if your car battery just goes flat for the sake of it? This tends to happen all the time, especially in the cold season or if you accidently leave your lights on all night. What happens then? Most people don’t keep their silly little code- so are they flat out of music luck?

Luckily, with today’s recent technology there is an automated service that allows you to obtain your car radio code without having to rack your brain trying to remember what the number was.

How Can A Radio Code Help?

Radio decoding systems work with algorithms so you can easily track down that number and get your radio back up and running. The cost for this service varies depending on the make and the model of your car. For most radio decode services, you will have your code overnight. However, some services are as fast as two minutes. This means that the moment you release your battery is flat, you can simply ring up a radio code service company and get your code while you are jump starting your car.

Instant radio codes work with all sorts of car models from Alfa Romeo, to BMW, from Ford to Nissan and anything in between and the Blaupunkt is installed in many of these makes.

Instant Radio Code Services use PayPal as payment as well as major credit cards so it is quick and easy to get your tunes back to where they belong- pumping from your car.

How to Set Up your Own Fm Radio Station

22There are several ways to set up your own radio station. It depends on how serious you are about it. The single most important thing you should know before you get started is why would you need to start your own radio station?

Maybe, it’s because you are a DJ or you have a band and want to reach an audience with your songs. Maybe, you have a huge collection of rock music and want to share it with the world. Maybe you are a member of club and want to make money by broadcasting a certain type of music along with commercials. Maybe you are a candidate and want to spread the word about your nomination and your speeches. Or maybe you are just person who is passionate about radio stations and always wanted to start your own FM radio station. Whatever the case, you need to know what you are doing.

Here are the basics of setting up a new radio station in a nutshell.

First you have to make decisions on two issues. You must choose the right place where your studio will be located. Also you must decide whether your radio transmitter will be placed at your studio or in a remote location.

Next, it’s time to obtain a FM radio station license that will allow you to legally broadcast your signal.

There are two types of FM radio station license:

– The low power FM (Local)

– The full power FM (Commercial)

– License for Internet radio (Streaming Media)

You can start broadcasting your new radio station by obtaining at least one of the licenses mentioned. If you are serious about this then your goal should be to first acquire a low power FM license and then move on to the full power license. There’s also the option to set up a radio station that streams sound on the internet which is the easiest way to go with, if you have no previous experience in FM radio stations.

Here are some issues you must consider after applying for the radio station license:

– How much money are you willing to spend for start up and ongoing costs?

– What type of equipment will you need? For example transmission equipment or a radio automation system etc. Do you know how to choose the best transmitter for your radio station?

– What is the process of getting in the air? Do you know how to use your equipment and go live? For example, do you know how many watts your broadcast equipment can handle?

– How will you deal with music licensing, royalties and copyright issues? Do you know that you actually have to pay for that too?

– How well informed are you on the subject of frequencies? Acquiring a license is one thing and obtaining a frequency for your radio station is a different thing. You have to fill and submit an application to request a new frequency.

– Do you know what kind of personnel you need? Do you have a plan to find the right people for the job?

The idea of broadcasting your messages to others through a radio station becomes more and more popular. These days, we are so empowered with communication possibilities than ever before. For very little money anyone can broadcast their messages to the world.

Online Radio Streaming Being Used To Drive Social

21The information and communication technologies have got really improvised in the last few decades. Radio and later television ushered the broadcasting booms and brought to the individual homes, the content rich in information and entertainment.

Now television supports the ultra volumes of commerce; in fact, it is the traditional mode of marketing of the products including the product launches. Lately, web emerged as the new revolution and is making the rapid transformations in the society and economy as its service is penetrating deeper and wider.

These mediums have found applications of entire diversity apart from the information and entertainment. The religious and charitable institutions also began relying on these for the purpose of propagation and allied services like the community prayers invitation. Harvest Christian academy is an organization that uses the web mediums to stream the prayers and religious mass functions. It also uses Online Radio Streaming.

Live interactions and interfacing concepts on the rise

The ability of the web is double ended and unlike television, web secures the interactions and interfacing between two sides. Virtual conferences are being hosted in the web and the relevant participators are kept informed through the online networking that is now a robust function of the web. Many organizations like Harvest Christian academy are growing through the networking and local listing technologies of the web. The peer to peer review forums are established to invite the like minded persons that share their thoughts and experiences to propel the initiatives that are commonly shared by the institution. From the commerce destinations to the social and intellectual blogs, there are innumerable of such concepts floating in the web and populated by the resonant communities that are growing strong.

Online radio streaming and TV streaming are the specialized offshoots of the networked interfacing between the people. These services are offered on subscription basis for the members. Many a times, the philanthropic and spiritual organizations attempt such mediums to propagate their ideas and cause among the general public so as to increase the awareness and brew the common social good towards the prospects.

Online streaming in US increasing through web innovations

Online streaming in US has increased in the last few years and many social networking channels are developed for this. These networks are oriented in different segments but mostly all are youth oriented. This represents the jubilant resonances that the younger generation has developed with the web which now represents their first choice. This is also the reason that web masters are finding great demand for the ‘web social’ and ‘web commerce’ concepts. Attempts are being made to club these to make out the resonances of desirable value. Sometimes profits are the aims while in some cases, social and philanthropic awareness is tried to be developed.

Marketing shifts to the web

The marketing strategies that were mainly based on the television alone are now shifting significant stakes to the web. The digital marketing strategies are mostly oriented towards the innovations in the web domains and include the social engagements through all means. This in turn fuels the social congregations in the web because the enthusiastic minds are being attracted to be the part of the lively networks.